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    The SEDA Limpopo Jewelry Incubator (SLJI) is a small business focused Limpopo-based incubator established to contribute towards creating economic opportunities through developing and supporting emerging Jewelry businesses from historically disadvantaged communities in the locality. Following  3 years of existence, the SLJI (henceforth to be referred to as the Centre) seeks to reposition itself as a centre of excellence that is a recognisable and strong brand in Limpopo, throughout South Africa, the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and eventually internationally.

    Legal Status and Governance of SLJI
    SLJI is a non- profit organization registered in terms of the NPO Act number 77 of 1997 and section 21 companies Act. Seda Limpopo Jewelry Incubator was founded in 2009.

    Geographic Spread
    SLJI operates from its main incubation centre at 120 Rivier Ladine. Polokwane. It draws its clients and works with disadvantaged people in Limpopo province.

    Business Model
    Seda Limpopo Jewelry Incubator (SLJI) is a renowned Jewelry incubation centre based in Polokwane.  The centre focuses on generating sustainable small Jewelry manufacturing and designing black owned businesses, transferring of Jewelry skills and practical mentoring and coaching of learners to ensure the availability of properly skilled people for the Jewelry industry.

    Underlying Philosophy and Methodology.
    SLJI’s philosophy is to help the people of Limpopo benefit from the abundant mineral resources by participating in production of value added Jewelry products that meet international standards and market.

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